Security in the application

As a Small Payment Institution entered in the Register of Payment Institutions by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority – license number 108/2021, we are obliged to ensure the safety of all customers.

DotBee application for users managing their finances in multi-purpose purses.

Providing users with security in the application is a priority for us, therefore, inter alia, KYC verification is carried out.

KYC should be narrowed down to the term – a set of information about the customer that allows to determine the credibility of the customer and its transaction profile, and to verify the identity. Thanks to the KYC policy, customers can be sure that their data is protected and that the services are carried out in a safe manner. The main purpose of KYC is to prevent suspicious financial transactions, data (identity) theft, terrorist financing and money laundering.

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In the mobile application, after verifying the user’s identity, a number of functionalities are unlocked, such as an individual account number, the ability to make quick transfers, pay invoices with one click and many more.

We want to explain to you how we secure your data and how you can take care of its security. We attach great importance to the security of applications and related systems, in accordance with the current guidelines in this area.

We implement the following practices and solutions:

  • Our standards and practices are not everything. The safety of your funds also depends to a large extent on you. Here are some handy tips:
  • We only use and disable encrypted connections that guarantee the confidentiality of your data.
  • Our solutions are manufactured and tested according to the OWASP Top 10 security standards.
  • We build solutions taking into account the GDPR Personal Data Protection.
  • We provide financial services based on the required licenses and are supervised by regulators.
  • We operate in accordance with the AML Act, which prevents money laundering and financing of terrorism.
  • We use Strong Authentication for each operation to be 100% sure that it is you who perform the operation.
  • We employ experienced specialists who constantly improve their qualifications and knowledge in the field of security
Our standards and practices are not everything. The safety of your funds also depends to a large extent on you. Here are some practical tips:
  • Avoid connecting to unknown wireless networks when using the app.
  • Do not reply to messages in which you are asked to enter your account access data. Remember! DotBee never asks its Users for a telephone number and a PIN number
  • Set a transaction limit in the application.
  • Control your activity in the application, react immediately if it seems to you that you have fallen victim to fraud.
  • Download applications from trusted sources, such as the official Apple and Google stores. ‘

  • Protect your PIN, don’t write it down in a notebook or on a piece of paper. Do not pass it on to third parties, even to employees of the Customer Service Department

  • Change the PIN number periodicall

  • Take care of periodic updates of your phone’s operating system and DotBee application